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June 2007
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Fishing Reports for June 2007

Friday, June 1, 2007
Took same two clients from yesterday again this morning.  We had light rain most of morning.  Water mainly calm with a slight breeze.  This is more like early April weather.  We used spinnerbaits and plastics.  We caught several nice sized bass and panfish.  Mitch caught a very nice largemouth around 15 inches.  Gregg had a monster on and just about landed it.  It did a half-gainer on him and looked like it was around 17 to 18 inches.  I got a 17 inch Largemouth on a spinnerbait that was a hog.  It was a very good day to fish!
Later in the day I took the kids out and they slaughtered the bluegill, perch, and red ear with small jigs from the kayak.
We camped the evening at the lake getting ready for the tournament on Saturday.

Mitch with a nice Largemouth at Rock Creek

Gregg with a bluegill at Rock Creek

Kayakjak with 17 inch bass at Rock Creek

The Sayers Family enjoys a nice evening at Rock Creek

Friday, June 8, 2007
This evening we hosted the Sayers Family for some paddling and outdoor cooking.  Betty was back again after catching some pretty nice bass last year.  She is a very good writer and operates www.businessbeyondthefarm.com .  We did some paddling and a little fishing after eating some Beef Stew and Peach Cobbler baked in our Dutch Ovens.  The food did not last long!  It turned out pretty good.  Later on we got a couple nice catfish.  I got one that was 24 inches while fishing for some trout just past dusk.  It took about 15 minutes to land him since I had my light rig with 4 lb. test and a 1/64 oz jig on.  Got some great pics of him.  The girls got quite a few Bluegill and Red Ear.  The evening was very calm.  I went out after dark and paddled most of the lake with my kayak lit up with a few lights.  That was a lot of fun. 

Great evening to fish!

Enjoying the Scenery

The girls enjoying supper in a kayak

Big Cat!

Sunset at Rock Creek

Sometimes Kayakjak gets to wet his line too.  He got a nice 24 inch channel cat this Friday evening right after his client landed one too.

Click on Picture for a Larger View
Hunter with a nice Bass

Saturday, June 9, 2007
Today, I took out two clients from North Platte, NE.  They were Jim and Hunter.  Hunter won a drawing for a free trip and took advantage today.  You talke about a great fisherman!  That Hunter can find 'em and bring 'em in!   He caught quite a few bass and Dad caught a nice one too!  They both caught several Bluegill and Perch.  I got a nice 14 inch bass near a new bass hatch.  That was pretty cool to watch.  Also, one of the bass that Hunter caught had a nice belly so we looked in it's mouth and found antenna and a big claw from a crawdad just eaten before it was caught.  We got a picture of the inside of the mouth.  The claw did not show up but you can see the antenna.  The weather was pretty good.  During the day the breeze had worked it's way around 360 degrees but sometimes it was very calm and got a little warm.  Temps were around 91 degrees.  The water clarity is great at the north end.  The water is a bit stained on edges from recent weather.  Bass spawn is on!  The males look to be guarding the nests now.  We found one and observed for quite some time.  The males are usually much smaller than the females and that could be the reason we are catching so many bass in the 12-14 inch range lately.  We were catching some real big bass earlier.  Also, these males usually don't eat during the spawn and most are very slender.  The one we observed was very active chasing the panfish away.  It was pretty neat to watch. 
Jim and Hunter had never kayak fished before but found it to be very easy and relaxing.  Both were excellent kayak fishermen! 

Hunter at Dusk Looking for A Bass

Hunter and Kayakjak Fishing At Rock Creek

Click on picture for larger view
Jim fishing at Dusk on Rock Creek

Sunday, June 10, 2007
Camped overnight again at Rock Creek.  Another very warm day but good breeze out of SW.  Water was calm early to about 7:00 AM.  Went out and got a couple nice 14 inch bass and a 12 incher.  Made some pancakes and sausage for breakfast and went out again for about 3 hours.  Got a couple more bass in the 13-14 inch range using a large weedless plastic worm.  Fished the shady edges with good success.  Also, did some fly fishing this morning using a bluegill fly.  Landed one small bass and had several fish on.  My family came out for lunch and some paddling for the afternoon.  Diane makes some pretty good fried chicken.  We had a lakeside picnic then Diane and Christian took to the water for some paddling.  CJ stayed on the shoreline and fished for bluegills.  He caught quite a few.  It was a fun day!  On the way home I stopped by the vineyard just south of the lake and visited with Hal and Carol Walker who are building a winery there.  The vineyard looked great!  This is quite a setup!  It will be a great attraction to the area once completed. 

Christian paddling at Rock Creek

Thursday, June 14, 2007
I went and fished the Hershey Interstate Lake. The location is just south of the I-80 interchange to the east.It has a lot of water! Very clear. Saw a lot of big fish. Caught several big bluegill on spawning beds. The male bass were guarding nests at the east end of the lake. There were several big ones. Did hook one big bass and he shook the lure next to the kayak. Around 16+ inches. Had a smallie come right up to the kayak and snoop around. It was very big! Also, saw a northern in some trees. Many cats along the shoreline. I caught the bass on a plastic weedless crawdad.  Also, used a Chug Bug, Rebel Popper, Spinner Bait and a 1/64. oz jig with a 1" food source meal worm. This is a pretty nice lake.
Saturday, June 23, 2007
Fished at Rock Creek today for a couple hours.  Got a couple nice Bass around 14 inches and several Bluegill and Perch.  Mostly scouted around the lake.  The water is very warm right now from 2/3 down the lake.  Cooler water in north end.  Some guys were catching a lot of Crappie too.
Sunday, June 24, 2007
Our family went to the lake during the early evening for a cookout.  We made some beef stew and bisquits in the dutch oven for supper.  We fished from shore and the boys caught numerous Bluegill, Bass, and Perch.  The dock was a lot of fun for them.  We used small jigs.  I used a spinnerbait for a little bit and got a 10 inch bass.  The Bluegills are still spawning with many large ones holding in the small craters they made near shore.
Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Traveled to the Palisade Lakes today for some fishing out of the ponds there.  Very muddy!  The water had about 4 inches of clarity.  I tried everything to lure a fish to bite today.  The sonar showed some fish about 6 feet down everywhere but it was like they were dormant.  There was a little action on top with fish eating small minnows.  I tried to imitate them with lures with no luck.  The scenery was awesome as I paddled around.  I'll try these ponds again later this summer.  They are very deep (up to 32 feet in places) and some excellent edges to catch bass.
Friday, June 29th, 2007
Fished at Enders in morning hours.  Sunny and warm.  Water is showing a little more clarity to about 18 inches.  Wind from SW 5-10 mph.  Worked the west bank and got a couple White Bass with a Lytle Secret Lure down deep.  There were small schools of white bass popping up along the dam later in the morning.  Tried to get to them and had a couple on.  They did not stay up very long.  I used a popper to catch them.  Lot's fun days ahead!
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