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August 2009
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Fishing Reports for August 2009
August 1, 2009
After running the the Thunder Run 5K in Lincoln this morning I ventured out to Wagon Train with a few trash bags to do some shoreline cleanup in the kayak. Low and behold there was a Boy Scout Troop already cleaning up the rocks around the Pier area! I asked if they wanted to try the kayaks and go with me along the shoreline and one of the older scouts volunteered to help. We paddled and found lot's of trash and filled two sacks pretty full by the time we covered nearly 1/2 of the lake's shoreline. There were a lot of glass beer bottles. (Dustin) the scout that helped me is just a month away from becoming an Eagle Scout. He was a real trooper out there today! Thanks Dustin! I also got a picture of their troop as they finished up the rocks. They are Troop #22 out of Lincoln. It was kind of cool, when we were paddling by camps and people along the shoreline they asked us what we were doing and most were pretty cool about it. They even chipped in and cleaned the area around them while we were picking through the trees and mud. It was a lot of fun! On to Burchard at 4:30 AM! (3:30 AM Mountain!)  After picking up trash I caught a Crappie, Largemouth, and 2 Bluegill off the rocks at Wagon Train.




Sunday, August 2nd, 2009
Fished at Burchard with CJ in a fun tournament with the NFGA forum members.  It was a beautiful morning with a slight breeze from the SW.  It became quite brisk as the morning progressed.  CJ caught a couple smaller fish.  I hooked into quite a few Largemouth and landed an 11, 18, and a whopper 22.5 incher later in the morning using a Wacky Worm setup.  Finished in 2nd place with 51.5 inches of fish in the 3-4 hours we fished. 

Kayakjak with a 22 1/2 Largemouth caught at Burchard

Saturday, August 8, 2009
Met the Davis Family at Wellfleet today.  Awesome lake!  Very scenic and it is a public lake ran by the city of Wellfleet.  Very slow day for fishing.  Did get a few though using small jigs and spinners.  I caught 6 Bluegill, 4 Largemouth, 1 Wiper that was 16" and 2 small Crappie. 

The Davis Family on their Kayak outing at Wellfleet

Mitch checks out the shallows.

Grant with his Crappie

Gary casting the north shoreline

There is some excellent fishing shoreline at Wellfleet

Kayakjak with a 16" Wiper caught at Wellfleet

This luxorius cabin can be rented at Wellfleet

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Sunday, August 9, 2009
Fished at Rock Creek after Church today.  The water has really cleared up!  About 10' visibility.  Targeted Largemouth for quite awhile.  Had several on today.  Landed a 15 and 12 incher.  Very slow bite today.  Caught 6 Bluegill, 1 Perch, and 1 Rock Bass.  Primary lure was a Wacky Worm setup.
Had rentals out there today as well.  If you would like to rent a kayak just give me a ring!  Only $10 for 1/2 and $15 for a full day!
Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Fished at Enders with my principal Mike.  Very calm conditions and a warm morning.  The White Bass hit the surface just after we got there.  There were schools on the surface in many locations chasing the shad around.  We managed to get close to many of them and I caught 13 White Bass.  Mike got a couple as well.  I used a homemade green jig made by Rex Wahlgren of Wauneta.   They stayed up for about an hour.
Saturday, August 29th, 2009
Met the Rock''s and Penny's for a fun day of Fishing at Rock Creek.  Cloudy conditions an cool during AM hours.  Caught several Largemouth, Bluegill, and Perch.  A few Crappie as well.  Wind came up out of the south.  Sunny afternoon with temps in low 80's.  We had Dutch Oven Enchilada's and Peach Cobbler for lunch along the shore.  Caught one bass in the four pound range and 18 inches.






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