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June 2009
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June Fishing Reports
Thursday, June 4th, 2009
Fished at Rock Creek this evening.  Caught 2 Largemouth, 3 Bluegill, 1 Crappie, and 2 Perch.  Calm conditions.  Very nice day.  Bite very slow.  Used small jigs and X-Rap. 
Saturday, June 6th, 2009

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Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
Fished at Rock Creek today with CJ.  It was another cool cloudy day.  We fished primarily for panfish today from the kayak.  I got two Largemouth in the 12 inch range on a weedless senko plastic worm.  Got 2 Perch, 3 Bluegill, and a Crappie.  CJ caught quite a few Bluegill today.
Thursday, June 11th, 2009
Got to visit with my Buddy Rick from Colorado today at Rock Creek.  Rick is just an awesome fisherman and if you ever need a lesson on cleaning fish he's the man!  CJ and I fished in the cool conditions again.  We reall hauled in the Bluegill and Red Ear.  I got 18 Bluegill, 2 Red Ear Sunfish, 1 Green Sunfish, and 2 Largemouth Bass.  We headed home during the rain. 
Saturday and Sunday, June 13th, 14th, 2009
Fished in the 39th Annual Larry Samway Fishing Tournament with CJ this weekend.  They put on a great event!  We fished hard this weekend but it was some tough sleddin'!   The weather was cool and cloudy.  There was no wind Saturday morning but I was running a 5K road race first.  By the time we got on the water there was a good breeze.  It did warm up but the bite was slow.  CJ got a Drum on his third cast and that was it for a few hours!  He then landed a small Walleye and I was still at 0!  After the Fishing Tournament Barbeque we headed out for some Crappie fishing.  CJ really got after it again landing some small Largemouth and a nice Bluegill.  I got a White Bass and a Crappie.   CJ lost a couple nice ones!  When we returned we set our bank rods up and CJ got a nice White Bass right away.  We hit the sack early as we were both exhausted from the day.  I had paddled nearly 6 miles today!  Then a storm hit around Midnight and wind seemed to come from everywhere!  Our tent held on though.  We got a little rain as well.  Our bank rods were busy in the morning but two Northern broke off before we could land them.  CJ also got about a 3 pound channel that fell off the rocks while landing him as well.  We had some good hits all morning.  Then we headed out for more Crappie fishing but it was slow.  Got two white bass to bite but didn't hang on. I was using a spoon and fixing my raincoat sleeve when I got a huge hit!  Then my spool reeled!  This fish was big and it ran!  I thought I had a nice Wiper on!  After being towed for around 5 minutes we finally got a glimpse of the fish. A CARP! You have to be kidding!  The tournament was giving a prize for the largest Carp so we kept it.  I got beat out in the last hour by a bigger Carp. It was a fun catch though!  Then we drift fished the open water and the dam with no luck as well.  There wasn't much else turned in by other fishermen as well this morning.  Yesterday, there were some nice fish turned in for scores.  CJ ended up with 2 points and I had 3 points.  Tough lake to fish this weekend but we had a lot fun!

Kayakjak with his 8 3/4 pound Carp

Thursday, June 18th, 2009
Fished at Swanson for about an hour before heading to Lincoln this evening.  The lake was fishy but not much biting.  Got a small Walleye on a Secret Lure.   Saw only two other fish caught while I was there.   Slight breeze out of the north. 
Friday, June 19th, 2009
After only 3 hours sleep met Fishman34 at Wagon Train just south of Lincoln for some kayak fishing.   The weather was a big factor today.  Storms in area.  Cloudy and wind from just about every direction while fishing.  We actually had a period of rain that was like a monsoon!   Fishman landed a nice 2 pound Largemouth on a dropshot rig.  I ended up with 5 nice Bluegill and 2 Crappie.  Fishman caught a few Crappie as well.  Found 10 bobbers today!  A new record! 
Water was very stained and had a green hairlike substance in most of the lake.  It was a fun morning!

Fishman34 with Largemouth at Wagon Train

Fishman34 fishing at Wagon Train


Kayakjak with his stringer of bobbers!

Saturday, June 20th, 2009
Fished with bvrtrap today at a local sandpit in 38 county.  We mostly fished with small jigs.  The water was very clear.  Coudy skies with drizzle most of day and temps in low 70's.  I caught 33 Green Sun Fish, 12 Bluegill, and 15 Largemouth.  Bvrtrap got a nice Bass, several Green Sunfish, and some nice Bluegill as well.  I got a nice 11 Inch Bluegill that was a Master Angler.  These Green Sunfish are just huge!  Lot's of fun!

Gabe with his "Greenzilla"

Gabe with his huge Bluegill

Blazing a new trail at the ponds

Kayakjak with his Master Angler 11" Bluegill

Kayakjak with his Green Sunfish

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