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2009 Kayak Fishing Tournament
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Tournament Results 2009
Saturday, June 6th, 2009
Kayakjak's Third Annual Fishing Tournament was a great success even with the low number of entries this year.  The anglers that took part in the contest were greeted with some fantastic weather!  It started out cool and cloudy but soon warmed up into the 80's with plenty of sunshine and hardly a breeze.  The wind picked up toward the end of the day.  The fishing was pretty good in the morning but soon withered as the day warmed.  With the weather systems that have come through lately the lake bite has slowed a bit.  We also look to have a post spawn going on with a lot of the fish.  We viewed some very large fish from the kayak but they just were not cooperative.   We had three different types of craft.  There was a pontoon boat, a float tube, and kayaks. We also had several techniques shown today.  Hooligan is just an incredible fly fisherman. (Although Craig did a great job converting him to a shoreline trout fisherman using an excellent spinning rod technique.)  Bill is also an awesome fly fisherman from the tube.  Savuka has quite a rig and slaughtered the Bluegill today.  Christian had a great day making the first catch and just plain having fun.  Of course, CJ was as competitive as ever going after anything that swam.  His biggest thrill seemed to be watching the big cats swim below us in the channels.   After the tournament we had a short awards ceremony and some homemade Dutch oven stew with bisquits baked by Kayakjak.  We hope this tournament continues to grow with kayakers, float tubers, and pontoon boats coming to Rock Creek to have a great fellowship and some fun times fishing.  It was cool to meet other forum members today!  Thanks to all who participated!  (Official Results posted below)

Hooligan getting ready for the tournament.

Bill getting his float tube ready for the tournament.

Christian catches the first fish! A nice Crappie!

A beautiful morning for fishing!

Hooligan fly fishing off the rocks.

CJ gets some double points!

We found this bird nest on a "stick up."

Hooligans family enjoying some kayak time.

CJ gets a Rainbow!

Winners of the 2009 Fishing Tournament

2009 Kayakjak's Fishing Tournament Results
Junior Division
1st-CJ Hughes   (Benkelman)  50 Points
2nd-Christian Hughes (Benkelman)  17 Points
Open Divsion
1st-Hooligan (Omaha)       56 Points
2nd-Bill P.    (Benkelman) 43 Points
3rd-Savuka   (Fremont)     31 Points
Biggest Fish
Bill P.   16" Channel Catfish

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