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Now this is a fun contest! 
Kayakjak and his 7 year old son CJ are competing in an online fishing contest for the Month of May.  They are trying to catch as many of the 34 species of gamefish in Nebraska by May 31st.  Keep checking back to this page for updates!  *All fish we caught for this contest were released.
Results!  CJ finished in first place with 15 species!
Kayakjak finished 9th in a very tough field! Also 15 species.
Here is a video of our journey!

Saturday, May 2nd,  2009
This was our first day out on the lake for May.  The contest is underway with several fishermen across the state getting some great early catches.  You can visit this thread for statewide updates:  http://www.nefga.org/forum/nebraska-fishing-forum/21643-so-many-species-so-little-time-nefga-spring-contest-post-your-entries-here.html  
We traveled to Rock Creek in the 47 degree weather.  There has been a steady drizzle most of the day with southerly winds from 5-15 mph.  CJ and I wore what rain gear we had and ventured out on the lake in our Cobra kayak.  I tried a Wacky Worm setup and landed a 14 inch bass on my third cast.  We headed for Bluegill country and CJ got a nice 7 incher right away.  I ended up catching 3 Largemouth Bass, 1 nice 9" Rock Bass, a 9" Rainbow, and 7 Bluegill.  CJ caught quite a few Bluegill.  We used small 1/64 oz. jigs tipped with 1" twister tails.
Kayakjak = 15 Species Caught  (9th Place in Adult Division)
Largemouth Bass (14")
Crappie (12")
Rock Bass (9")
Rainbow Trout (9")
Bluegill (10") Master Angler Award
White Bass (11.5")
Northern Pike (33")
Smallmouth Bass (11.5")
Yellow Perch(6")
Red Ear Sunfish(5.5")
Channel Catfish(20.5")
Freshwater Drum(16")
White Perch(8")
CJ = 15 Species Caught  (1st Place in 16 and Under Division)
Bluegill (8.75")
Crappie (12.5")
Largemouth Bass(9.5")
Sunfish (10.5) Master Angler Award
Rock Bass(8")
White Bass(9")
Yellow Perch(6.5")
Rainbow Trout(11")
Freshwater Drum(17")
White Perch(7")
Smallmouth Bass(12")
Channel Catfish(14")
Northern Pike(15")

9" Rock Bass caught by Kayakjak

Kayakjak with 9" Rock Bass

Kayakjak's 9" Rainbow Trout

Kayakjak's 9" Rainbow Trout

Kayakjak's 14 inch Largemouth Bass

Kayakjak and his 14" Largemouth Bass

CJ's 7 inch Bluegill

CJ with his 7" Bluegill

Monday, May 4th, 2009
CJ and I headed to a local sand pit after my run this evening.   The wind was from the North just before heading out then calm and then picked up from the south.  Crappie were feeding heavily topwater so we threw some small twister tails at them and caught a few monsters.  CJ had a huge one on right away and broke his line bringing it in the yak.  Then I hooked one after I layed my pole down to help him with his line.  Then he hooked another 12.5 incher and we got the pics.  A little while later he landed a huge 8.75 inch Bluegill.  After more pics we went to a favorite hole and I got my 12 incher.  It was a great evening to fish!  CJ is loving this contest!  Thanks guys!

CJ's Bluegill measured 8.75 inches

CJ and his 8.75 inch Bluegill

CJ's 12.5 Crappie

CJ's Crappie Measured

More pics....

Kayakjak's 12" Crappie

Kayakjak's Crappie Measured

Thursday, May 7th, 2009
CJ and I fished at a local sand pit today.  Beautiful day!  Topped out at 82 degrees with little or no breeze.  The bugs were horrible!  We have never seen it like this!  They were some kind of knat and the fish were going nuts eating them!  The water was very clear after the rainstorm last night.  CJ caught a 9 inch Bluegill on his first cast and then in the kayak landed a "Gillzilla" at 10.5 inches.  This is his first Master Angler Bluegill.  I also got one but it took me almost 50 years!  I got a 10 inch, 9.5 inch, and a 8.75 inch Bluegill.  I also caught 3 Crappie, and 5 smaller Largemouth Bass.  We used a Wacky Worm and small jigs to catch these fish near the shorelines. 

CJ and his MA Bluegill at 10.5 inches

CJ's Bluegill measured 10.5 inches


CJ found this baby turtle on the shoreline.

Kayakjak's MA Bluegill 10 inches even!


Saturday, May 9th, 2009
CJ and I headed to Red Willow this morning for some big lake fishing.  The weather was gorgeous today!  We noticed the water was crystal clear!  Clarity around 6-8 feet!  The west end was muddied a bit from recent rains but for the most part the water was excellent!  We hit a small cove first and I got a nice 24.5 inch Northern.  We then headed out onto the lake.  There are some huge Carp in this lake!  I got a smallie off some rocks and then a couple more White Bass nearby.  Also, caught 2 Largemouth Bass, and a small Bluegill.  We used Jerk Baits including Shad Raps, and Husky Jerks.  They worked well today.  We saw one Northern that was well over 40 inches just below us in the kayak.  I tried a couple casts but missed it.  There lot's of Northerns in 1-2 foot of water today. 
Saw several nice Walleye caught today along with Northerns and many white bass.  CJ and I spent most of the day at the lake. Paddled more than 5 miles today!

Kayakjak with a 24.5 inch Northern Pike

Northern Measured

Kayakjak with a 11.5 inch Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth measured

Kayakjak with a 11.5 inch White Bass

White Bass measured

Sunday, May 10th, 2009
CJ and I headed to a "chilly" Rock Creek today.  Cloudy, cool, low 50's and brisk South Wind which died down as we spent the afternoon at the lake after church and a wonderful Mother's Day meal with our family.  We caught fish right away using small 1" Twister Tails on a 1/64 oz. jig.  CJ got several Bluegill,Rainbow Trout, a Red Ear, Largemouth Bass, Crappie, and a Perch for the species contest.  I got 12 Bluegill, 3 Rock Bass, 3 Largemouth, 1 Red Ear Sunfish, and a nice 20" Catfish.  We left the big bass alone today since we were looking for those Perch mainly.  I'm sure we'll upgrade a few of these caught today. 

CJ with his 9.5 inch Largemouth

CJ's Measured Bass

CJ and his 5" Red Ear Sunfish

CJ's Red Ear Measured

CJ and his 11" Rainbow Trout

CJ's Rainbow Measured

CJ's 6.5 inch Yellow Perch

CJ's Perch Measured

Kayakjak's 20.5 inch Channel Catfish

Kayakjak's Channel Cat measured

Kayakjak's 5.5 Inch Red Ear Sunfish

Kayakjak's Red Ear Measured

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Caught 6 Largemouth this evening at a local pond using a Senko Wacky worm setup. CJ got three Crappie with one at 13.5 inches using a Shad Rap Jerk Bait.

CJ and his 13.5 inch Crappie

CJ's Crappie Measured

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Well after a 45+ MPH windy day we headed out to Rock Creek for some upgrades and a possible Perch or Rock Bass for CJ. We thought we might get a Brown as well. When we got there the wind was still around 25+ but was dying fast. By sundown the wind was done and the water was like glass. The fish went nuts at this time! There was a ton a of topwater action but we had to head in since it was a school night. Low water visibility. We had to change kayaks since I put a crack in the one we were using. We had taken on quite a bit of water in only a half hour. It worked out okay. CJ got a Bluegill and a trout. I got an upgrade trout, upgrade 15 inch Largemouth, a Red Ear (Would have been an upgrade but threw it back without a pic), 7 Bluegill, 2 Crappie, and a Perch. Also, another smaller Largemouth as well. I used small jigs and CJ went for a Rock Bass with a Jerk Bait and Panther Martin Spinner. It was a beautiful night to fish!

Kayakjak with his 7 1/2 inch Yellow Perch

Kayakjak's Perch Measured

Kayakjak with 15 inch Largemouth Upgrade

Kayakjak's 15 inch Bass Measured

Kayakjak's 10 1/4 inch Rainbow Trout Upgrade

Kayakjak's Rainbow Upgrade Measured

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Traveled to Swanson again today. Took CJ along. Windy at 25+ from South. We fished the north shoreline from the kayak. Had to change kayaks due to a crack and flooding in the yak. It was near dusk when CJ got his line broke by a big Wiper. He landed a White Bass just minutes later and we landed a few. I caught 4 White Bass in the little time we had left. We were drifting very fast but still managed to catch some fish. I used a Condello made Streamer and CJ was using a Husky Jerk Shad. It was 90+ degrees today!

CJ and his White Bass

CJ's 9" White Bass Measured

Sunday, May 24th, 2009
Fished at Rock Creek with Cagles from New Mexico.  We caught more than 150 fish today.  Winds from southeast at 15-25 mph. Water clarity around 6" with very murky water.  Very unusual for this lake.  We used small jigs and Wacky Worm setup.  Caught Bluegill, Perch, Red Ear, Rainbow Trout, Crappie, Rock Bass, and Largemouth Bass.  I caught 2 Red Ear, 1 Largemouth Bass (16") and  10 Bluegill.  CJ caught 24 fish.  He got his Rock Bass today.

CJ and his 8 Inch Rock Bass

CJ's measured Rock Bass

Monday, May 25th, 2009
CJ and I headed to Swanson early this morning.  The water was calm with partly sunny skies.  It gradually got cloudy and the rains headed our way.  The temp was between 64 and 70.  Winds picked up from south at 10-15 mph.  Got a White Bass right away and then nothing for about an hour.  We moved a bit and then hit our favorite spot again with CJ picking up his first Drum on his new Pflueger Combo. Then I got a Walleye.  We both kept getting fish for the next hour.  CJ also got a Walleye and 3 Drum. I didn't get a Drum yet!  CJ picked up another White Bass with a jig and I got a Largemouth Bass before we headed in with thunder in the midst.  We are gearing up for the seven day excursion right now.  We will head north today to Merrit.

CJ and his Walleye

CJ and his 13.5 inch Walleye

CJ and his Drum

CJ and his 12.5 inch Drum Measured

More fish from today....

Kayakjak and his Walleye

Kayakjak and his 14.5 inch Walleye Measured

Wednesday May 27th  , 2009

 Today we fished at Merrit.  Started out cold!  We got a 17 inch Walleye near the inlet at Hidden Lake using a Walleye Flasher tipped with a Leech.  Later we traveled to the west end of Broadman’s and got a 31 inch Northern in about 2 feet of water with a Yozuri Jerk Bait.  Then  we went out after supper in nearly calm conditions and CJ got a 21 inch Walleye on a Lindy Rig with a Nightcrawler. 

CJ with his 12 inch Smallmouth Bass

CJ's Smallie Measured

CJ and his 15 Inch Northern Pike

CJ and his measured Northern Pike

CJ and his 21 Inch Walleye

CJ's Measured Walleye

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

We traveled to Pelican Lake at the Valentine Refuge today early in the morning around 5:30 AM.  We were the only ones on the lake at first but then there were many others that showed up.  Only got a Perch at Pelican with a Jerk Bait.  Then at Dewey I got 4 Northerns with the longest being 33 inches using a small spoon.  That night while fishing for Catfish at Akali CJ hooked into a huge Northern but it broke off right at the shoreline and got away!  The only pole with mono!  

Kayakjak and his 33 Inch Northern Pike

Kayakjak's Northern Measured

Friday, May 29th, 2009 

Fished at Long Pine and Gavins Point.  CJ got a Goldeye, Smallie, and Drum in the Kayak.  Later that night he got a nice Walleye.   I got 3 Walleye and 2 Drum.   Turned 50 today!  My qwest for 50 species now starts. 

CJ and his 12 Smallmouth Bass

CJ' Smallie Measured

CJ and his 17 Inch Drum

CJ's Drum Measured

CJ and his 15 Inch Goldeye

CJ and his measured Goldeye

Kayakjak and his 16 Inch Drum

Kayakjak's Measured Drum

Kayakjak and his 12" Goldeye

Kayakjak's Measured Goldeye


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Traveled south to Lincoln area.  Fished at Pawnee for White Perch and got 11 each with CJ and I.   Then after a HyVee buffet we headed to Wagon Train to hunt a Channel for CJ.  He got a 14 incher in less than 10 minutes. 

CJ's 14 Inch Channel Catfish

CJ's Channel Cat Measured

CJ's 7 Inch White Perch

CJ's White Perch Measured

Kayakjak and his 8" White Perch

Kayakjak's White Perch Measured

CJ perched on the rocks at Big Akali in the Sandhills

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