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April 2009
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April Fish Reports
Saturday, April 4th, 2009
Wow! Now that was cold! The tournament started just after daybreak. It was very windy from the east with sporadic rain. I was layered instead of neoprene today. Except for the feet where I wore neoprene booties. BIG MISTAKE! My feet have never been so cold! I went through 4 pairs of gloves and 3 handwarmers. The neoprene gloves worked the best. Now for the fishing report.
Right after I launched I paddled to one of my favorite spots on the lake. I got two channels in the first 45 minutes. There was a lull in the wind as it was changing from East to NE bringing with it much colder air and ice crystals that stung when they hit my face. I was even wearing a boony over my stocking cap! Then NOTHING! Nobody was catching fish as I found this out when checking in my catch. After that first hour the fish just shut down. I was the only kayak. There were many boats and a lot of those teams did not get a fish at all. I figure I finished in the top five or six as I left before the awards because of the intense blizzard introducing itself. The roads were not iced over yet but soon would be. I used Shad Gizzards today for bait on a carolina rig with a "no flip" sinker and circle hook. I put a large bead above the swivel as well. It was fun being out there as this was quite a challenge. Some things I must improve! Fix my livewell! My aerator went out so I had to use a cage. Also, I've got to find the solution for cold feet! Once they got cold I was screwed. I even changed to my gortex shoes with thick socks about 3 hours later. I should have used my fish finder as the cats were in 5-15 feet of water and I couldn't tell at times. My plastic covered chain link drag anchor worked well with a perfect drift speed.
I wish there were more kayak tournaments close by so we could participate. It's a lot of fun!

Kayakjak with 2 Channel Cats caught during the Blizzard

Took the Arnett family out for paddling and fishing at Rock Creek today.  Wind from southeast at 15-20 mph.  Sunny, mid 50's.  Water 4-5 clarity.  Fishing seemed slow today but a few nice bass were willing to cooperate.   John got a 12 and 18 inch Largemouth.  I got a 15 incher.  We used a wacky worm setup with a circle hook and weedless as well.   Tried spinnerbaits with no luck today.  Got a couple bluegill and trout on small 1" grubs on a 1/64 oz. jig.   The bass were like bowling balls!  They are getting thick!  Plenty to eat in this lake.  I'm sure they are filling up on trout for dinner every day!  The kids really had a lot fun here today! 

Ryan paddling the channel.

The boys paddling Rock Creek

John with his 18 inch Largemouth

Ryan and a nice Bluegill

Monday, April 13th, 2009
Got a nice Largemouth today at a local farm pond.  Went out after track practice for a couple hours.  Got a little one on the first cast using a spinnerbait.  Then nothing for about 20 minutes.  Switched to a Sinko Worm on a weedless and on about the third cast hooked into this monster!  It was 21" long and over 5 lb according to my lipgripper scale. 

Master Angler Largemouth 21" caught by Kayakjak

Saturday, April 18th, 2009
Met Gabe from Bartley and his friend Tracy from McCook for some kayak fishing at a sand pit pond.   Water was extremely clear in one of them.  We expected rain and cold but instead things cleared off and it was a beautiful day!  They caught a few Largemouth.  One of them was 19.5 inches.  Also, a 9.25 Green Sunfish.   It was very slow probably due to the weather the past few days.  We fished in the morning.  We then attended Christians music contest at noon in Cambridge.  Then it was off to Medicine Creek for some paddling and fishing.  CJ, Gabe and his family met at the Dam.  It was a great afternoon.  Others were catching a few fish.  We didn't catch any but it was a lot fun and the scenery was just incredible!

Tracy with a nice Largemouth
Gabe with a 19.5 Inch Largemouth

Getting ready for descent down to the Creek.

Thursday, April 23, 2009
After four days of track meets I just had to get out on the water!  It was a very warm day hitting 90 degrees with a light SW wind.  Headed out to Rock Creek for a couple hours of evening fishing.  Got a Channel Cat right away on a small spinner bait.  Met up with friend Clint in the kayaks.  He was getting some good strikes.  I switched to a Circle Hook and Sinko Worm with a "Wacky" setup and caught two nice Largemouths!  Lost a couple others.  One was 19 inches and the other was around 17 inches but looked like a bowling ball!   These fish are getting big!  It's going to be a fun year!  Met Laurie a bird watcher, and thanks to Clint and Sheldon for taking the pics!

Got this 19 inch Largemouth on a Wacky Worm

17 inch "fat" bass on a Wacky Worm

Friday, April 26th, 2009
The family went out to the lake for an Enchilada Supper cooked in a Dutch Oven.  It was excellent!  The weather was a bit cool but we still had a good time.  We paddled and fished a little catching a few.  There's nothing like an evening at the lake with a meal cooked in the Dutch Oven!

CJ,Christian, and Diane at the lake.

CJ and Kayakjak paddling the lake.

Christian paddling at Rock Creek

Sunday, April 26th 2009
Met clients Randy and Steve from Colorado for some afternoon fishing at Rock Creek.  It was a bit windy from the north but the temps were not too bad.  Sunny and water very clear.  We caught a few nice Largemouth and multiple numbers of Bluegill and Perch. 

Randy and Steve fishing at Rock Creek

Randy with a nice Largemouth Bass

Steve shows the stability of the Kayak

Randy catches a Bass

Kayakjak with a big Largemouth

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