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February 2009
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Friday, February 6th, 2009
Fished from kayak at Rock Creek today with Rick. 72 degrees with NW wind 20-30 MPH died down to around 10 MPH near sundown.
Caught 4 Rainbow Trout, 2 Crappie, 2 Bluegill, and 1 Yellow Perch

Used small 1/64 ounce jigs tipped with Yellow Twister tail and a Food Source Grub.

Lake was nearly thawed. A little slushy in areas. Water very clear on west side and windward side a little murky. I could see down up to 15 feet in spots.
Friday, February 20, 2009
Fished at Rock Creek today. Temp in the mid 40's. Overcast and NW 10-20 mph. Caught 5 Bluegill and 1 Creek Chub that was 10.5 inches long. Water is not as clear. Right after I loaded up the kayak a front came through and gusts 35-40 mph hit. Luckily, I was off the lake in time. ;D

Total Catch for the Year 2009
4 Rainbow Trout, 2 Crappie, 7 Bluegill, 1 Yellow Perch, and 1 Creek Chub.

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