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June 2008
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Sunday, June 1st, 2008
Our family went to Rock Creek for some Dutch Oven Supper and some kayak fishing.  We caught several Bluegill, Perch, and Green Sunfish.  Windy from the south.  Beautiful evening!

Thursday, June 6th, 2008
Took John O. from Lakin, Kansas to Rock Creek today.  We have had some incredible storms lately.  Tornados reported just about everywhere and hail the size of softballs except right here.  We have been very fortunate. We have had quite a bit of rain.  Today was no exception.  We got on the lake mid morning and started catching Bluegill, Green Sunfish, and John got a few Rainbow Trout. 
A storm loomed so we headed up to the hatchery to visit with Hal and Gary.  After the rain we headed back to the lake and fished some more.  Gary got a few Crappie, and small Bass.  He also had a nice bass on but it wrapped itself around a Lily stem and broke off.  I got an 18 inch hefty bass using a spinner bait flipping into the weeds along the shore.  Also, had another that found a way to escape.  Another storm was on the horizon so we called it a day.  It ended up having a tornado in it but tracked just about straight east then headed north.  We hope to go out in the morning again.

Gary fishing the Lily's

Gary with a Rainbow Trout

Saturday, June 7th, 2008
Today the boys and I traveled to Ogallala for an Outdoor Fishing Expo for kids.  There were more than 100 kids in attendance.  We were at the lower Lake Ogallala with several volunteers and 8 fishing stations. 

The kayakers are ready to go!

Where's the water?

Kayakers on the water.

Kayak for three?

More on the Expo and lots of Pictures!

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008
Met Sye Tecker of Parks today for some fishing at Rock Creek.   The wind was brisk out of the south at 25+ mph.  We fished the willows for bluegill and Red Ear. Also, a few small bass.  We then headed for a reliable Crappie hole but only pulled one out of there.  We finished by going after some Largemouth Bass. Sye got a nice 14 incher and I got an 18 and 14 later.  We used small jigs, spinner baits, and chatter baits.  Water is a bit murky from the winds and storms lately except at the upper end where the water is crystal clear.

Sye with a nice Largemouth

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008
Met a Bible School teachers group from Gretna, NE for some paddling at Enders Lake.  They were very excited to try out the kayaks for the first time.  The wind was brisk from the NW at 25+ mph but settled to around 15 later then picked up again.  We paddled between the boat ramps and out past the bouys for awhile.  There was a storm on the horizon but it slid to the north. 

The Bible School Teachers from Gretna

Paddling out on Enders Lake

John and Tiffany returning from paddling Enders

Corey from Gretna paddling back in from the Lake

Thursday, June 12th, 2008
It looked like a great day to fish at Swanson.  The weather was in the 70's with a slight breeze out of the west.  Okay, so I get loaded up and put out for the lake when a cloud erupts above me.  The winds blew upwards over 50 mph with some rain.  I paddled for cover!  Got into some trees which broke the wind and waves and covered myself with a poncho.  Well, I still got drenched from the waves crashing through the trees.  I headed for the beach along with the only other boat on the lake.  There was no lightning.  The cloud cleared and the water settled so I headed out again.  This time the water was almost glass!  The clarity was the best I've seen in years.  The water is up a few more feet as well.  Plenty of carp!  Big ones!  I trolled a bit with a Big Mac Rig attached and a small bottom bouncer thinking a Walleye might come my way.  No luck after about a mile so I headed to my favorite spot on the lake.  I fished this main point for awhile then the fish started hitting my Secret Lytle Lure.  I got a huge Channel around 8 pounds and 27 inches.  Then I got a couple small Wipers, two Drum, another smaller Channel and a White Bass.  Then it got quiet again.  I did not see any other boats bring anything in as well.  Had a couple more good hits as well on the lure.

8 lb. Channel Cat caught at Swanson

Friday, June 13th, 2008
CJ and I traveled to a local sandpit pond after his T-Ball game and fished from the kayak for about 45 minutes.  We got a couple blowups and one small bluegill but didn't land anything else.  It was a beautiful evening with glassy water. 
Saturday, June 14th, 2008
Went back to Swanson and trolled the lake for Walleye.  Got a couple nice hits but did not land any Walleye.  Went back and fished my favorite point and got another nice Channel Cat at 22 inches.  Also, got a couple Drum and one White Bass.  It was a beautiful day with temps in the 80's and a SW breeze that died down to around 5 mph.  I got the Drum and Cat on a Secret Lytle lure again. 

Another Channel Cat at 22 inches at Swanson

Sunday, June 15th, 2008
Our family traveled to Rock Creek with Bobby Bethel from Kentucky.  He is kind of a brother to me.  His dad Bob took me in as a senior in High School in Nebraska.  Their family is very special to me.  We paddled around and CJ and I caught a few Bluegills.  It was very windy from the NE today and temps in the high 80's.  Lake is very murky. 

CJ, Kayakjak, Bob, and Christian at Rock Creek

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008
Traveled to Swanson and got on the water at about 6:00 pm.  Got a small Walleye right away.  Wind out of the south at 10-15 mph and decreasing.  Temp in the high 80's with sunny conditions.  Went to my favorite point and hooked into another large Channel Catfish on a Lytle lure.  It was quite a battle.  The cat headed for the trees but I did manage to get up in time before it wrapped into them.  I hauled it to shore where I got a picture of it before releasing.  Thanks Sydney!  Got another Walleye and a small drum later.

Big Channel Cat at Swanson

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008
After having a short meeting with the Midland College coaches about football and doing some X's and O's at Strikers (Sandwich Shop) in Benkelman we traveled with the Winnie and Trooper and the yaks to Rock Creek for some fishing and camping.  There were some strong storms passing through from the north today but we pretty much were spared today.  Rock Creek did get some rain before we arrived.  We cooked some the best hot dogs I have ever tasted!!! They were homemade Fremont dogs the coaches brought along.  Got to get some more of those gourmet dogs!!  Then we did a little fishing on the very stained lake waters.  The lake has turned a dark green lately and the water has very little clarity.  We caught a few Bluegill and small Bass.  I got a 16, 17 inch Largemouth as well.  Rick my buddy from Burlington was also camping and joined us for supper and some campfire stories that were truly amazing.  Rick set a line out and later that night produced a huge Channel Cat!  Good Job Rick!  He's got one of the best fishing rigs I have ever seen!

Rick with his large Catfish at Rock Creek

Coach Casey with his Cat

Thursday, June 19th, 2008
Breakfast came early and we had Sausage, Egg, Bisquits made in the Dutch Oven and iron skillet.  Yummy!  Then we fished for a couple hours producing a few nice fish. Rick got another cat on his set line.   Coach Lee got a nice fat bass that had just swallowed a huge crawdad.  The claws were still sticking out of the stomach in the mouth cavity and could still pinch.  It felt like there were two of them in the tummy.  Coach Casey caught a nice cat on a spinner bait.  Spinner Baits were the lure of the day using lighter colors in the stained water.  I got a 17 inch bass and a couple smaller ones along with a crappie, nice 8 inch Perch, and numerous Bluegill.  For lunch we devoured some Dutch Oven made Enchiladas and Peach Cobbler.  It was excellent!  We headed out about noon today. 

Coach Lee with his Largemouth full of Crawdads

Midland Coaches enjoying some Dutch Oven Enchiladas!

Okay! I'll get a kayak if you take my picture.

Friday, June 28th, 2008
Fished with clients Jim and Corbin from Omaha today. We had brisk winds out the northeast.  We found some good Bluegill waters and caught several including a nice Trout by Corbin and several Perch.  We targeted Largemouth Bass during the twilight hours and managed a few nice 14-16 inch Largemouth.  We did catch several smaller ones as well using topwater baits.  The winds died down enough to take advantage of the topwater action.  I tried my new Frog bait but lost 4 nice bass on it.  The blowups were awesome though! 

Jim catches another nice Largemouth

Jim's Fishing Video at Rock Creek

Corbin catches a Rainbow Trout

Saturday, June 28th, 2008
I took my boys to the Cub Scout/Webelos campout today at Rock Creek.  There were quite a few boys and parents.  What a time we had!  We started out with staking our claims and setting up the campsite and assembling our shelters for the night.  Then the boys grabbed their poles and the fishing was on!  They caught numerous Bluegill, Green Sunfish, Perch, and Small Bass.  Then they worked on their merit badges.  There was knot tying, fishing items, and numerous other activities.  We then assembled the "hobo stew packets" and the "orange cake" before embarking on a long hike.  My group (Webelos) headed for a trip around the lake.  It was hot and windy but the boys did great.  We identified a few animals and leaves along the way.   Back at the camp we enjoyed a fantastic meal!  I made some Beef Stew with bisquits to go along with the food the scouts had prepared.  Then the scouts went back to swimming and fishing.  I strolled out on the kayak for a few minutes and nabbed a 16 and 17 inch bass to go along with 3 other smaller bass.   In the early afternoon I sat on a Crappie hole and nabbed a few there as well.  The kids then ate smores and told campfire stories before hitting the hay.  In the morning we made a huge breakfast including breakfast burritos and bisquits with sausage and egg.  We broke camp and made it just in time for church.  This was a fun outing with the kids!

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