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September 2007
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Fish Reports for September 2007

Saturday, September 1, 2007
Traveled to Enders just before sunrise for some fantastic Wiper and White Bass fishing this morning.  They surfaced just after 6:00 am and there were several schools chasing the shad.  I landed 12 nice fish in about an hour.  Caught a 18, 19, and 20 inch Wiper.  The wind was brisk from the south at about 25 mph.  Sunny skies and cool this morning.   The am temp was around 60 and the high today 93. 
Sunday, September 2, 2007
Went to Enders again with a teaching friend Nathan.  We started about the same time as yesterday.  The fish came up again and we landed a few of them.  Mostly white bass today.  Got a couple 18 inch Wipers in the mix.  Water mostly calm with a slight SE breeze.  Anothter cool morning.  There were sporadic schools surfacing but not as much activity as the past couple weeks.  

Nathan with a nice White Bass

Monday, September 3, 2007
Met our Principal Mr. Rotherham and his son Kyle at Enders Lake for some Wiper and White Bass fishing.  The topwater action was not as intense like the previous days but we did land a few nice fish.  The water was mostly calm with a slight breeze ot of southeast.

Saturday, September 8, 2007
Took clients John and Bryce to Enders Lake in the morning and Rock Creek in the afternoon.  The weather was a little cooperative in the morning with a slight SE breeze but we did get a little rain on us for a few minutes.  The water looked very fishy but the White Bass and Wipers were only active a few seconds.  We landed one Wiper and Bryce snagged a Shad with his lure.  We fished just a couple hours.  No other boats were landing any fish.  We traveled to Rock Creek in the early afternoon only to be greeted by a brisk north wind.  The fishing was tough as the kayaks drifted fast on the water.  We did catch numerous Bluegill, Perch, Green Sunfish, Red Ear, Smaller Largemouth Bass, and one nice Largemouth.
John was a pretty good fly fisherman from the kayak.  He landed many nice fish.  Bryce was a real trooper!  It was very challenging paddling back north into the wind after drifting the west edge of the lake but both John and Bryce did a nice job of paddling.  I would call them both expert kayakers on their first outing!  We caught well over a hundred fish today.

Bryce and his Shad

John with a nice Largemouth caught fly fishing

Bryce enjoying the day!

Bryce with a Nice Largemouth

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