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August 2007
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The Fishing Has Never Been Better!
August looks to be another great month of fishing in Southwest Nebraska!
Thursday, August 2, 2007
Fished at Swanson Lake this morning at 5:00 AM.  Beautiful morning.  Cool, and mostly cloudy to overcast later in the morning.   Shad everywhere!  NE breeze 5-8 mph early then to calm conditions.  The Wipers were up in the rocks this morning feeding around 5:10 AM.  Landed 6 by 6:00 AM in the 18-21 inch range.  Used a Skitter Pop and Rebel Popper with much success.  Also tried a Zoom Fluke and it worked as well.  There was a lot of action for about an hour then it dropped to nothing by 6:30 AM.  I was the only craft on the lake until 6:30 AM.  After this time I got one White Bass and did not see anyone else catching any fish.  Very slow!  I left around 8:00 AM.   Got 7 Wipers and White Bass today.   Another fun morning!

Friday, August 3, 2007
Met clients the Biggs Family from Lincoln at Rock Creek.  We pretty much fished all day from dawn to dusk.  Strong gusty wind from south 25 mph most of day.  Died down near sunset for some nice Bass fishing.  Temps in the upper 80's.  
We caught numerous Bluegill, Red Ear, and Perch along with many small Largemouth, a Crappie, and a few Rock Bass.  My clients also caught an 18 inch and two 15 inch Largemouth bass.  We used many different lures with the 1/64 oz jig tipped with a 1" Food Source Mealworm.  We also had success with topwater lures and plastics.  We ate some excellent Rib-Eyes and Scalloped Potatoes for supper.  We also had some delicious Peach Cobbler!

Taylor and Dad at Rock Creek

Greg with an 18 inch Largemouth Bass

Melinda and Dad at Rock Creek

Melinda with one of her many catches of the day.

Greg catches another nice Bass!

The Biggs Family and their Kayak Fleet

Saturday, August 4, 2007
Same client today and we traveled to Swanson for some Wiper fishing.   I took along Greg and we launched just after 5:00 AM.  We headed for the dam and looked for some topwater action.  After paddling awhile we found some action near the south end and paddled vigorously to get there.  We found a nice small school of Wipers and hooked into them right away.  Greg landed an 18 inch and 20 inch Wiper in a matter of minutes.  I hooked into two very nice Wipers as well.  There was no other topwater action.   We then traveled to the main point at north end and fished jigs on bottom.   There were a few fish caught there for awhile. 
Temps were in the high 70's in morning which raised to 90's by afternoon.  We fished until around 8:30 am.  

Greg with a nice Wiper at Swanson Lake

Sunday, August 5, 2007
My 5 year old CJ and I traveled to the local Sand Pit outside of town for some twilight fishing.  It was very humid with no breeze.  There were lots of shad from a recent hatch and there were some that were more than a foot long along the shore.  CJ caught caught two nice Bluegill and I hooked into a couple small Largemouth in the few minutes we were there. 
Monday, August 6, 2007
I met the Schneider family for a Paddle-N-Eat trip at Rock Creek today around 10:00 AM.  They had fun paddling in nearly calm water at times as the wind switched from North to South.  They had Beef Stew and some Peach Cobbler.
It was very warm today in the lower 90's.  John was celebrating his birthday with wife Lynn and daughter Rachel.  Happy Birthday John!


Saturday, August 18, 2007
Traveled to Rock Creek in early evening for some Bass Fishing.   Landed 5 nice Bass from 12 to 18 inches.  Had another 4 on but lost them.  Fished the edges of the lake and lily pads with a "Ribbet Weedless Frog".  Seemed to work very well.  Very nice out.  Wind died down to a calm setting near sunset.   Around 80 degrees.
Saturday, August 26, 2007
Fished at Enders with friends Clint, Todd, and Morgan Burrell.   We launched just after daybreak.  The water was fairly calm then a breeze came up out of the southeast.   We targeted Wipers and White Bass looking for the shad and schools of fish.  It didn't take long.  We caught quite a few on topwater lures.   Most of the wipers were in the 16-21 inch range.  I had one actually break a lure today and another large one got tangled up in some submerged trees that I was unable to land.  It was a beautiful morning with overcast skies and fog for about a couple hours.   We fished just a couple hours.  We caught numerous White Bass as well.

Todd with nice 17 inch Wiper

Kayakjak with 20 Inch Wiper

Clint with nice Wiper

Mo with a nice Wiper

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