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How to fish the Secret Lure

Steve Lytle's secret is out, and now everyone will know what he's using to catch all those trophy fish. Steve has teamed up with ReelBait Tackle Company to develop one of the best lures of its kind on the market today, Lytle's Secret Tail Spinner™. Lytle's Secret Tail Spinner™ is a versatile lure that is equally successful when cranked, trolled or vertically jigged. Because of its flash and fish attracting action, the Tail Spinner allows you to boat a variety of game fish.
ORDER YOUR 1 oz. Lure  TODAY!  $4.09
Only $2 for shipping.

*Price includes shipping cost.  You get one 1 oz. lure in Shad color.

Contact Kayakjak: kayakjak@bwtelcom.net