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Kayakjak's New Kayak Tether!

Kayak Anti-Drift Tether

Kayakjak's Official Kayak Tether

Are you tired of drifting off that good spot where you can catch fish after fish? This tether will clip on to any small branch, cat tails, weed clumps, anything that will keep you from dirifting when you don't want to in the breeze. You can also attach a 5 gallon bucket to act as a wind sock in deeper water. Also, if you want to anchor it in shallow water just attach a foot of log chain for slowing the kayak down. Excellent for those small lakes and ponds and slow moving rivers.

Tether Length is 6' and is made of neon nylon cord.

*Price includes shipping and handling cost.  

Contact Kayakjak: kayakjak@bwtelcom.net