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The Internet and businesses on the Web are going to revolutionize our world.  Are you going to capitalize on this huge revolution?  If you are, it's time to build your own Internet business!

Business Concept

The Internet is experiencing staggering growth, doubling in size every 70 - 100 days. A new Order Consolidating Site (OCS) was designed for on line shopping and business support for the people who promote this web site.

Independent Business Owners Association International (IBOAI) developed a consortium of businesses such as Microsoft, IBM, Fry Multi-Media, and other major companies to create an Internet phenomenon that utilizes a proven business model.   This Order Consolidation Site (OCS) collects orders and consolidates delivery for thousands of manufacturers products.

We create income opportunities for Independent Business Owners (IBO's) who generate e-commerce volume. If you have an interest in owning your own Internet based business, leveraging your time or creating residual income, this may be the right business for you.

For most people with a job, working 40-60 hours a week is a way of life with little hope of ever changing. Trading your time and energy to a boss or company for 40 years is the only way most people know how to make a living. That is what we call the Plan A approach to life and business. Consider for a moment Plan B.... this plan could open for you as it has for thousands of others a gateway to....

... have more family and leisure time.
... own a bigger or nicer home.
... drive a new or nicer car.
... travel more.
... have more income.
... create flexibility for future generations.
... give to your favorite church or charity.
... own your own business.


The e-commerce Plan B approach to business revolves around living a lifestyle with the emphasis on having more time.  Your own business can give you choices.  As a business owner on a winning team, you can learn to create a Plan B Web based business that generates passive income by organizing Internet Shopping!

Every day you, and everyone you know, buy gas, make phone calls, eat, dress, pay bills entertain yourself, maintain your home, self, pets, yard, car, etc... You are already doing a large part of what it takes to make money in this business. Most likely you are making these purchases from a grocery store, discount house, convenience store, department store, catalog, or on the Internet.

By becoming an Independent Business Owner (IBO) you have access to nearly all of these same products or services on-line. You profit by purchasing from your own Internet business what you would normally buy elsewhere and promote that idea to other potential internet shoppers.

Some of the products that are available...
Sporting Goods, Flowers, Gardening, Software, Computer Hardware, Tools, Toys, Childcare Products, Apparel, Music, Hardware, Jewelry, Home Improvement, Office Supply, Fashion, Collectible Toys and Gifts, Specialty Foods, Bicycles, Luxury Products, Designer Eyewear, Greeting Cards, Art, Entertainment... and more!

By consolidating and organizing the buying power of others, the middlemen are eliminated and special pricing is made available to you.  In addition to special pricing (15 - 35%), bonuses are paid to Business Owner's based on volume.  By shifting purchases from where you used to shop to your own Internet Based Business (IBB) you create points.

You and others buy products
Products = Points
Points = Income

You learn to shop on line and create points. You teach this shopping method to other people.  Their points are added to your points to create bonus volume.  Your Income will be based on the total volume you direct to the web site

More people you tell leads to more traffic…
More traffic leads to more purchases…

More purchases lead to more points…
More points leads to more income!

The IBOAI makes available thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers. Some of them are: Hickory Farms, Ocean Essentials, Bass Pro, Landscape USA, Ace Hardware, Northern Tool, Fuller Brush, Circuit City, Tire Place, Barnes & Noble, Bite Golfwear, Franklin/Covey, Bayberry Gifts, FloraGift, Omaha Steaks, Disney, Toys and Gifts, Paul Fredrick Menstyle, GetBulbs, Sports Supply, IBM, Front Door Foods, Office Depot, Activa Travel, and lots more to come

The brand names for the products and services mentioned in this web site are under or may be under trademark or service mark protection and are used throughout this web site for reference purposes only. Use of a product or service brand name in this web site should not be regarded as affecting the validity of any trademark or service mark or regarded as implying any connection between owner of this site and the owners of the respective trademarks or service marks

The Internet Based Business (IBB) gives you the opportunity to leverage your time and money, and  gives you the opportunity to take control of your future!  Think of the possibilities if you could meet your personal and financial goals!

Most Plan A jobs require more time and more commitment with more success.  With this business, as it grows, the time invested begins to show results.  It can begin to generate ongoing income.  (Income from your efforts combined with the efforts of others.)  Invest small portions of time now, and potentially get better rewards than your Plan A.  How we invest our time will determine how many choices we have.

Have Fun....Make Money....Help People
If you wish to obtain more information about this online opportunity just fill out the information boxes below and we will contact you shortly.

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Internet BusinessIBO

Have a great Day!