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August 2006
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August 2006 Fishing Reports

Dane and Quinn at Rock Creek AM


This was the first of two trips today.  These two youngsters from Lincoln, NE picked up their kayaking and fishing skills quick as they hauled in several Bluegill, Red Ear, Perch, and small Largemouth Bass.  Wind was from SE at 10-15 mph.  Temp was in the low 80's.  Water was a bit stained but visibility still 3-5 feet depending on where you were at the lake. 

Dane with large Bluegill

Quin with his Bluegill

Rock Creek
Ben Essam of Beatrice, NE


This was the second of two trips today.  We arrived about 4:30 PM and fished until near darkness.  We had a Rib-Eye steak supper with fresh sweet corn roasted over the fire.  Good Stuff!  Temps cooled down and had good cloud cover on parts of the lake.  The breeze was from SW at 10-15 mph.  We used topwater poppers, Lytle's Secret Lure, and small jigs with black twister tails.  We caught several 14" bass and several 12"-14" inch trout along with Perch, Bluegill, and Red Ear.  The trout were caught on the Secret Lure.  CJ, my youngest was also along and caught a nice 12" Largemouth with his Spiderman Pole. 
Rock Creek


Paul and Michelle of Colorado Springs
We fished at Rock Creek today.  Strong winds from south at 15-20 mph.  Hot about 92 degrees.  Clouded over and got a nice rainstorm in early evening.  We caught Rainbow Trout, Bluegill, Green Sunfish, Crappie, Red Ear, and a few small Largemouth Bass.
We had a nice breakfast with Sausage-Bisquit and Eggs and a Rib-Eye Steak lunch with Corn on the cob and Peach Cobbler from the Dutch oven.  We fished most of the day.  We used small jigs and poppers along with a few small spinners and the Lytle Secret Lure.

Paul and Michelle embarking on their fishing trip

Rock Creek


Fished at Rock Creek and caught 30+ fish in the early evening.  Several large Bass in the 12" to 14.5" range using a Rebel Popper.  Caught several Crappie, Bluegill, Green Sunfish, Red Ear, and Perch as well with small jigs.  Beautiful evening in the low 80's with little bit of a breeze to calm conditions by sundown. 

Rock Creek


Traveled to Rock Creek today.  Overcast skies but nice out.  Around 75 degrees with breeze from SE.  Was catching some nice Rainbows and a very large Red Ear.  After about 30 minutes I caught another Rainbow trout and just as I grabbed him the treble hook from the lure went right through my fourth digit.  I tried to get it out but was unable.  I paddled to a gentleman about 200 yards away and he tried.  I then loaded up the kayak and drove to the hospital where they also found the hook lodged enough that it was difficult to remove.  Thanks to two doctors (Katie and Larry) the hook was safely removed and then I had to endure the pain of another prick. A tetanus shot.  I guess in all the years of fishing something like this was eventually going to happen.  At least there was a doctor nearby to help.  It could have been worse.  I'm sure that trout is still smiling about my misfortune. 

Rock Creek

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