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March 2006
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Fishing Reports for March 2006

The Largemouth Bass are growing at Rock Creek!

March 2006
Saturday, March 4th, 2006
Very nice day.  Wind from Southwest at 15 mph and died down during afternoon.  Water clarity about 4 foot.  Bass were very active today!  Caught 13 Largemouth Bass in 12" to 15.5" inch range.  Most were 14 inches.  4 Rainbow Trout, 2 Crappie (1 was 9") ,  2 Perch, and 1 nice sized Rock Bass all at North End.  Most Bass caught in channel at 6-7 foot depth.  Used a Secret Tail Spinner 1/2 Ounce.  Also tried a Bluegill fly with a casting bubble. 
Sunday, March 5th, 2006
Another nice day but wind out of north.  Extremely slow bite in AM but afternoon picked up.  Caught 22 fish including a 14" Largemouth and two others 12 and 13 inches.  Caught numerous nice size trout, Crappie, and Perch.  Most people were catching Trout today and a few Perch.  The wind died in afternoon and the lake was calm.  Then a slight breeze out of south picked up.  We used Lytle's Secret Tail Spinner, Panther Martin, Rooster Tail, and other inline spinners today.  Did try a lizard as well.
Thursday, March 9th, 2006
Mid 50's with slight breeze out of the west to calm waters by late afternoon.  Fished with one of the hatchery guys at Rock Creek.  Caught many Perch up to 10" and a few trout.  Also, 4 Largemouth's with the largest being 14 inches.  There is a little more activity in the shallows today. Used a Rapala X-Rap like a jerk bait.  Caught a trout on it too besides the bass.  Also caught bass, trout, and perch on a yellow lead head jig.  Got a 10" Creek Chub as well on the yellow jig.  Water is very clear at north end.  You can see down about 6-7 feet. 

Clint with a nice Perch

Saturday, March 12, 2006
Went to Rock Creek with my youngn'
Caught several Perch, a 12" Bass, and a Trout.  Sunny day but very cool.
About 50 degrees.  Bite was very light today.  Got one Perch in the 10 inch range that was huge.  (See Pic).  We used Yellow lead head jigs, one with a spinner attached.  There were a few others fishing as well.

Christian with a large Perch caught at Rock Creek

March 14th thru 16th
*Report from Client
"First of all I want to thank KayakJack for all of his help. I probably wouldn't have done this well without him.

I spent a few days out at Rock Creek this week, and it was some of the best fishing I have experienced in a while. I caught over 100 fish in two days, including 1 18" channel cat, 4 big fat dark green bass, all between 12-15", at least 2 dozen crazy trout that went airborne every time I hooked one, a boatload of perch; some up to 9 inches, a few nice crappie, one big readear, I saw some HUGE perch and sunfish that weren't willing to bite, and on my last cast, I hooked something that bent my ultralight completely over and was gone in less than 10 seconds. Everything was caught on small jigs and inline spinners, except the cat...he was caught on cutbait.

The weather was perfect, the lake was beautiful, the water was crystal clear with almost 6 feet of visibility, KayakJack was incredibally helpful, and I would recommend Rock Creek to anyone."
Aaron from Omaha
Sunday, March 26th, 2006
Went out to Rock Creek about 2:30 PM.  Nice day about 50 degrees wind from the southeast.   Died down during dusk.  Little rain shower for a few minutes then got sunny.  Fish bit hard during cloudy period.  Caught 12 Largemouth Bass using an X-Rap (Shad) fishing it in the channel.  Used a rapid reel after hitting water and then fished it slow.  Would usually get a strong bite after letting it suspend for a few seconds.  Also used a fly rod with a small homemade shad minnow fly.  Got 2 Rock Bass, 2 Rainbow Trout, 1 Bass, and 1 Brown Trout.
There were Crappie and Perch caught by other fishermen there today.  A friend also caught quite a few Largemouth with one measuring over 14".  I got one nice Rock Bass at 8".

8" Rock Bass caught today with Fly Rod

Friday, March 31, 2006
Traveled to a local sand pit.  Only had an hour of daylight left.  CJ my little one went along.  He fished a yellow jig and I fished with a Rapala X-Rap 6" Shad.  First cast got a 14" Crappie under a submerged log near the shoreline.  No top water action.  Did not get any hits after that.  Nice day, no breeze at all.  Stayed about 40 minutes. 

14" Crappie caught at local Sand Pit

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