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July 2006
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Fishing Reports for July 2006

Rock Creek Fishing Trip
Three generations of Ted's

Saturday, July 1, 2006
Fished at Rock Creek with 3 clients.  One from Grant, NE and the other two from Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Very hot day with temps in the middle 90's.  We caught several Bluegill, Red Ear, Perch, Smaller Largemouths, and a Crappie.  Got one bass over 12" early in afternoon. Fished primarily in mid-afternoon.  Water clarity still very good.  We used plastic crawdads and 1/64 oz. jig heads with twister tails.
Went out again alone in early evening and caught 7 Largemouth between 12-16" with one hog that was close to 4 pounds!  It was 16.5 inches long and had a huge girth.  These bass were caught using a Rebel Topwater Popper.  Also, picked up a crappie and several large bluegill.

Thursday, July 6, 2006
Fished at Sutherland today.  Very windy from south at 40+ mph.  No other water craft on lake.  Just a few people camping.  Some fishermen at inlet catching some carp and small catfish.  Fished north part of lake and paddled to an island where I casted a Secret Lure into the surf.  No luck there.  Only fished about a half hour.  Scouted a few ponds near North Platte but did not fish.

Saturday, July 8, 2006
Fished at Enders.  Nice weather.  Overcast most of morning and temps very comfortable in the 70's then warmed up to high 80's.  Some sprinkles in AM.  Fished in AM for White Bass and Wipers.  Caught 40 Wipers and White Bass.  Most ranged 10-15 inches.  Caught a couple Wipers in the 16 inch range.  They were schooled on the west bank today.  Stayed up for about an hour and a half.  It was remarkable.  Used a Lyte Secret Lure and a topwater Rebel Popper.
Fished the boat ramp area in afternoon and caught 4 Smallmouth Bass with the largest being 14 inches.  The others were 10-12 inches.  Also one small Largemouth Bass using a 1/4 oz homemade Secret Lure Tailspinner.
Sunday, July 9, 2006
Again fished the AM for Wipers and White Bass at Enders.  Not much action at first then they lit up just north of the dam.  Caught 28 fish total with three wipers in the 16-18 inch range.  After they died down there there some more near the beach area.  They stayed up quite awhile.  We used a Secret Lure Tailspinner and a Rebel Topwater popper.  The weather was about the same as yesterday with overcast skies and very cool but humid morning.  There were many more fishing boats present today. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Fished at Enders again today.  The White Bass run was incredible!  They stayed up for over 4 hours!  Caught 76 total fish.  Mostly white bass and wipers.   Got one channel cat on a secret lure.  Caught most of fish on Topwater Rebel Popper and some on Lytle's Secret Lure.  Weather was perfect.  Had an overcast sky until about 10:30 am and very cool.  Slight breeze at times from Southwest.  One wiper was 17" and some in 15-16 inch range.  Also got many white bass in 14-15 inch range. 

White Bass on topwater chasing Shad

Another nice White Bass at Enders

Kayakjak with White Bass

Channel Cat caught on Homemade Lytle Lure
The Secret Tailspinner is truly a hot lure!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Fished at the local Golf Course sand pit.  Caught 16 Largemouth Bass in about an hour.  One 18" and one 16".  They were nice lookin bass!  The others were much smaller.  The water was calm and temp around high 80's near sunset.  Water clarity was better about 2-3 feet.  Used at topwater Rebel Popper and Lytle's Secret Lure.

Thursday, July 13, 2006
Met a group of 9 people at Rock Creek today for a Surprise Birthday party for Duane.  It was very hot in the midday but very nice evening with North breeze.  Fishing was good with the kids catching lots of Bluegill, Perch, and little Bass. One youngster Phalen caught a nice 12" bass and his dad Brandon caught another around 13".  I fished a little catching around 40 fish with one a 12" bass on a topwater popper.  We used a 1/64 oz jig with yellow twister tails.  We had a Rib-Eye Steak supper with veggie packets (potatoes, onions, carrots, corn on the cob) and Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler all cooked over an open fire.  Very good meal! 

Kayaking Back in Willows

The Wilson's enjoy a Rib-Eye steak supper.

Duane, Colleen and the Grandkids

Colleen and Phalen with a catch

Saturday, July 15, 2006
Fished at Enders again this weekend with two friends Scott and Collin. The White Bass did not run like last week. (Caught more than a hundred last weekend) Got hot quick. We paddled to south end of lake and fished the dam first. Caught a Smallie and a very large Bluegill (9.5 inches) along the dam.
Then fished the rocks on the eastern shore hoping to see some white bass come up on the lake. They never did. Fished the rocks all day catching 5 smallies (14", 2 x 12", and 2 x 10") along with a nice 17.5" Largemouth Bass. Later around 7:45 PM the White Bass came up right where I was fishing. Got 5 of them and then it died off. There are some pictures below of the fish. *All fish that I caught were released.

Scott and Colling paddling to the dam at Enders

Kayakjak with 17.5 inch Largemouth Bass
Thanks for the picture Gary!

Kayakjak with a 9.5 inch Bluegill

Sunrise just south of Enders Lake

Friday, July 21, 2006
Fished with friend at Enders today.  Overcast and cooler than last few days where we hit high triple digits.  This morning was in the 60's to 70.  North Wind about 10-15 mph.  White Bass and Wipers hit the surface again until about 10:15 am.  They were very widespread.  Birds helped to locate them.  Caught 35 Wipers and White Bass from 8-16 inches.  Bill caught several White Bass, Wiper, and a Bluegill.  Used Rebel Popper, Inline Minnow Spinner, Chug Bug, and a Lytle Secret Lure (1 oz.)

Bill and his stringer of White Bass and Wipers

Saturday, July 22, 2006
Fished at Swanson in late afternoon, early evening hours today.  Sunny, about 85 degrees and slight breeze out of NE.  Shad were prevalent.  There were schools everywhere near dam and island.  Caught some for the live well.   Hooked into a monster but lost it near the kayak.  Got several Wipers and White Bass using a Chug Bug, and a 1 oz. Lytle Secret Lure and live Shad on a Carolina Rig.  They were in the 10" to 16" range. Fish got going around 7:15 until about 8:15 pm.  Beautiful evening.  Shad are around 3 inches right now.  Lot's of boats fishing the point at island and dam area. 

Monday, July 24, 2006
Hot, Hot, Hot Day!  There were no morning clouds and it got hot quick. Went to Enders with 10 year old son Christian.  We got a Wiper on the first cast with a Secret Lytle Lure.  It was about 16 inches.  Then we got into a few White Bass back in Crappie Bay chasing shad.  Fished along the shorelines for White Bass and Wiper.  Got a few more.  The water was very clear today.  Had a bit of wind at first but then got calm.  Also, caught one small Walleye and a Bluegill.  Caught a few fish on a Chug Bug. 
Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Fished at local golf course reuse pit with youngest son CJ at 7:30 PM until dark.  Fished only about an hour but got 19 fish.  CJ got 7 and some pretty nice ones at that.  I got three bass that were 14, 15, and 16 inches and fought pretty well using a Chug Bug.  The water was calm and it was still a bit warm from the hot day.  The water was very clear considering what it has been.  It is also very low, probably lower than I have ever seen it. 

CJ and his Bluegill

CJ holding Dad's Bass

CJ with his big Bass

Thursday, July 27, 2006
It was a pretty good morning at Swanson. Started about 6:00 AM. The White Bass and Wipers hit the topwater for just a few minutes and that was a lot of fun. Fished a main point and a road bed later. The Shad were everywhere! Caught quite a few Wipers and (21,20,19 inches) off a main point.  Used a Secret Lytle Lure and Chug Bug.  Caught most on secret lure.  Very hot day.  Slight south breeze to calm conditions.

Monday, July 31, 2006
Today I fished with the Legendary Steve Lytle and his brother Rod at Swanson Lake.  He invited me along to fish the lake today.  It was very hot around a 100 degrees or so.  Very windy in the morning when we started about 10:30 AM and it was almost calm by 4:30 PM.  Very humid!  It was certainly a privelidge to fish with these guys.  We fished from Steve's New Triton Boat.  We fished main lake points and humps for Wiper and White Bass.  I would estimate we caught more than 300 fish total.  I got 54.  Steve and Rod both got a couple nice sized Wipers in the 19-21 inch range.  The Shad were thick!  There was no topwater action by the fish. We caught most of them from the bottom using the newly patented Lytle Secret Lure.  We used all sizes and colors and they all seemed to work very well.  If you ever get the chance to fish with Steve it is well worth it.  He can find fish!  And catch fish!  Also, get the Lytle Secret Lure.  Get a dozen or more!  They work and they catch big fish!!! You can order from Al Patterson at Reelbait.com
They have a tremendous wobble action that attracts fish!

Rod Lytle with his big Wiper and Brother Steve

Kayakjak and Steve Lytle with White Bass

Steve Lytle with his Wiper

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