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May 2010
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Fishing Reports for May 2010
Nebraska Fish and Game Spring Species Contest

CJ's 12.25 inch Crappie

CJ's Crappie Measured

CJ's 8.25 inch Rock Bass

CJ's Rock Bass Measured

Kayakjak's 12 Inch Crappie

Kayakjak's Crappie Measured

Kayakjak's 9.25 Bluegill

Kayakjak's Bluegill Measured

Monday, May 17th, 2010
Beautiful day to fish with temps in the 70's.  Caught several Crappie in the 12 inch range and a nice 9.75 inch Bluegill along with other 8 inch plus Bluegill on a Huckaby Rig at a local pond.

KJ with his 9.75 inch Bluegill for Week 2

KJ's Week 2 Bluegill

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010
How does this kid do it! I took CJ to a local pond to get his Crappie and Bluegill for the species contest.  He got a nice 12 inch Crappie on his first cast in the stormy, windy, and rainy weather! Then just a few minutes later he landed an 8 inch Bluegill.  I got a 9 incher by accident showing him where they were hanging out.  I tried for a bass but got skunked on the Wacky Worm.  Got a few bumps but no luck bringing them in.  Did get a couple bass on the Hukaby rig.  Water was very clear.  We fished for around 45 minutes.

CJ with his Bluegill for Week 2 of the Contest

CJ's measured Bluegill at 8.5 inches

CJ's 12 Inch Crappie

CJ's Crappie measured for Week 2

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010
Ventured up to Rock Creek for an early evening of Bass Fishing for the Nebraska Fish and Game Association Species contest.  It has been another stormy, rainy, and windy week here in SW Nebraska.  Caught a break in the rain and the water was mainly calm in areas out of the weather.  Cloudy and cool in the 50's.  I noticed the bass starting to stage on the shoreline for spawn in the near future so I fished it extensively.  Started out with a Wacky Worm but fish were not very aggressive and were biting the tail but not slurping it in. So I went to an X-Rap and nailed two nice hawgs! One was 18 and the other 17 along with a nice 9 inch Perch and several smaller bass.  Fished for about 90 minutes.  Met my buddy Rick from Colorado and he helped me with the pics.

Kayakjak with an 18 Inch Largemouth at Rock Creek

KJ's 18 Largemouth Bass for Week 2

KJ's Largemouth Measured for Week 2

Friday, May 28th, 2010
Fished at Rock Creek today with our friend Steve from Oregon.  He likes to fish from a float type boat.  We caught several panfish today.  The wind was howling again.  This has been the windiest spring I've ever witnessed.


Saturday, May 29, 2010
Today we headed out for Red Willow with our friend Craig from Missouri.  Red Willow is really down from letting water loose because of damage to the dam.  Very warm and windy day again.  We managed to paddle the south edge mainly and I got a small White Bass and Wiper.  Fishing was slow.  There were boats on the water today as they finished the new boat ramp that reached the water.  CJ had a lot of fun along the shoreline.  Would love to fish this lake again real soon!

CJ and Craig paddling Red Willow



Sunday, May 30, 2010
Fished at Swanson in the AM before church.  Brisk north winds hampered our quest for a fish. CJ and I latched kayaks but the drift was too fast even with an anchor.  We paddled the shoreline a bit and CJ fished the jetty a little before heading to church.  After lunch we headed out to Rock Creek.  It was turning into a beautiful day!  CJ decided on trying to catch a cat for his contest.  He had one on but it broke off.  A few minutes later he landed a 16 incher.  "Good enough!" He said. So we are both still alive in the contest.  We also had several rental kayaks out today. 
Later I fished for Largemouth and really hammered them!  Caught several in the 14-17 inch range using a spinnerbait.  Then on my last cast I hooked into a hawg! A nice 20 inch 4 pound+ Largemouth.  The water clarity is not bad in most parts of the lake.  Trout are really thick right now.  All in 12 inch range.  Starting to see bigger bluegill and crappie come out of the lake.  One interesting observation was watching a bluegill trying to catch a bug that was bouncing like a basketball on the top of the water.  I'll bet that bluegill leaped out of that water three times completely out of the water after that bug.  After several attempts the Bluegill was finally successful.

KJ with a nice 20 inch Largemouth

CJ with his 16" Channel cat

Friends Scott and Craig paddling around.

CJ staging for another fish.

Tuesday, June 1st thru Thursday, June 3rd.
CJ and Kayakjak traveled to Merritt and the Valentine Refuge for some camping and Kayak fishing. The weather was very cooperative. (Still March?) We met up with Sandbilly and his awesome family on the first day and did some fishing right away. A storm just missed us but the wind did not. We met many new friends and caught some nice fish.

Report: Walleye fishing was sporadic. A few smaller ones taken and did see one 6 pounder taken. Mostly a lot of Catfish, Crappie, Largemouth, Bluegill, and some smaller Northerns.

The Refuge was producing some huge Bass and Perch. A few northerns as well. We had a difficult time on the day we spent there with the high winds. I got one nice Perch. There were a few Northerns but mostly Perch. Saw some nice Largemouth along the weedlines. The water temps were in the middle 50's. It looked like the fish were staging for the spawn. Water was very clear on Dewey. Akali producing some very large cats. Pelican is really hot right now! Lot's of fish taken there.

CJ with a 17 pound Channel Cat



Saturday, June 5th, 2010
Today the kids and I traveled to Ogallala for the Kids Fishing and Paddling Expo.  Lot's of kids and and an awesome time demonstrating the finer points of kayak fishing.  We tried to fish the pond in the city of Ogallala with no luck.  A bit warm for the trout today.  We headed home had some supper and then CJ and I traveled to a local sand pit where we caught several Crappie (13"+), Bluegill, and Largemouth.  Most of the bass were in the 10-15 inch range.  Not many big Bluegill today. The Crappie were huge.  Crank bait and smaller jigs worked well.
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