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April 2010
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Fishing Reports for April 2010
Saturday, April 3, 2010
Well, it was a challenging day to say the least.  It was pretty cool.  All these boats at the start and this old guy in his plastic boat with a paddle.  I was ready but when I hit the water my main scupper plug came loose and water came gushing in from the heavy load I was carrying.  So back to shore and drain it.  Got it working and starting paddling to the west end where there were lots of Cats waiting to be caught.  I hurt my back this week but managed pretty well even though I still couldn't stand up straight yet. It took the power boats around 5 minutes to get there and I paddled there in 20.  Not bad.  Then the wind starting howling and I got myself in some brush for protection since, yep, forgot the anchor!  I had to stay on the north side while the guys who ended up winning the tournament with 27 pounds of cats (limit 5) hauled in one cat after another.  After the wind settled down I found some great spots.  Had a few on but broke a hook off on a nice one and the others didn't stay on.  I was using a circle hook but with big bait.  In the afternoon I headed for the deep part of the lake and found some fish deep on the sonar.  I got into them pretty good.  Just some little critters though.  Ended up finishing 10th.  I felt pretty good about the finish but my best is 7th.  I will go back next year and try to beat the boats again.  It is a fun tournament and goes for a good cause.  There were lot's of five pounders caught today.  0
Sunday, April 4th, 2010

CJ took his first solo paddle today at a local pond.  He is 8 years old.  CJ has been on a kayak since diapers and loves to fish.  Today, he started out fishing but found a quick love for just paddling around and enjoying his new freedom from Dad's bow.  He didn't catch any fish today but what he did do was find a new love for the water. Way to go CJ!00

I caught three Largemouth Bass in the first five minutes with a jerk bait but nothing after that!  Wind died and was getting ready to change.   Used a Wacky Worm as well and got just one hit.



Monday, April 5th, 2010
Fished at Swanson this evening for some Walleye.  Got a nice plump one on the rocks with a jerk bait. It was a beautiful evening to fish! 



Sunday, April 11, 2010

CJ and I went out for about an hour this afternoon for another practice solo run. He is really catching on! First cast he nails a 13 inch Crappie!   I caught a nice 18 inch bass on a Wacky setup.

CJ with his 13 inch Crappie on first solo run.





Saturday, April 17, 2010
CJ and I traveled to a local Sand Pit for some afternoon fishing.  Temp in the low 60's with partly cloudy conditions and a 15-20 mph breeze out of the south.  Kind of cool.  The Crappie bite was on and we got a few.  Two of them were 13 inches long.  We also got a few small Largemouth and a couple Bluegill.  The crappie were feeding heavy on the knats flying around over the water.  The crappie were coming out of the water after them.  We used a "Huckaby" rig and a "Slip Bobber Rig" today.  I caught a couple bass on a Wacky Worm setup.

CJ and a large Crappie

Kayakjak and a 13 inch Crappie

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