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Benkelman Fit Club
Wednesday, 19 January 2011
Benkelman Fit Club 90 Day Challenge

My name is Marty Hughes and I am an Independent Team Beach Body Coach.  My “job” is to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  Only problem is, I love to do this so much I don’t actually consider it a job!  How can you not love not seeing people’s lives change!


All you have to do is DECIDE today that you are ready to change!  If you are ready and you are looking for someone to help you on your fitness and/or weight loss journey, then I can help you.  I’d love to coach you for FREE.  Visit my Contact Me Page to get started.  Once you sign up, you will immediately start receiving my weekly fitness newsletters, then just drop me an email and let’s get you started right!Cool


If you’d like to help inspire others and change lives by becoming an Independent Beachbody Coach, contact me at 


Here’s to your Health,



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Get trim and toned in 35-45 minutes a day!

90 Day Fitness Challenge

I’m running a 90 Day Fitness Challenge that can really help you reach your goals in 2011! It will also have an accountability system to keep you on track. This challenge is geared to help you get the results you want!


There will also be rewards! First, complete

the challenge and the reward is a NEW

YOU! Next, at the end of the 90 days one of

you will win the grand prize which will be

your choice of a premier Beach Body

Fitness Program. 



The challenge will start Monday, Jan. 31st  and run until April 30th (Benkelman Prom Day!). Everyone who is in must email me at by Jan. 30th   to say they are in the challenge to be entered for the grand prize! Included in subject line of the email  ”I’m In the challenge” and include in your email address along with measurements and a “before” photo.  Photo will be filed and not shared with anyone! You can enter the challenge after Jan. 12 and will only be eligible to win one of the bonus rewards at the 30, and 60 day marks.  The cost for joining this challenge is $10 unless you become a Beach Body Club Member.  In this case there will be no fee to be a part of the challenge.

The Challenge will include 2 parts:
A Fitness Program
An Accountability Portion

Note: There will be bonuses available throughout the 90 day challenge, additional rewards will be given at the 30 and 60 day mark.

Challenge Rules:


1.  Email me at by Jan. 30th with the subject “I’m in the Challenge”.  The email must include your email address.

2.  Everyone is welcome to join the challenge!  Only my customers can win one of the prizes.  You can become one of my free customers by clicking here.  Be sure to set up a profile page after registering on the site and take measurements and a “before” pic for reference.

Here is a sample “Before” and “After” picture of my wife Diane:



3.  You will have to follow the 2 phases of the program:  Fitness, and Accountability.  Each phase has a set of “To Do’s” to keep you on track and to qualify you for the challenge.

4.  No purchase of fitness program is necessary.  Any fitness program you are doing will count (as per the fitness phase) in the program.  If you currently do not have a fitness program, I highly recommend that you check out one of the fitness programs on my website by clicking here to get started.  Please  look around the site and see which program might be best for you, but feel free to email me and we can discuss your goals, commitment, type of program… so we can get you one that really works.

5.  You will gain points for certain things in the challenge.  One way to gain points is to refer a friend into the challenge. So, why not get your co-workers, family,… all on track with you for 2011! Simply forward this post to a friend and have them email me and say they are in! Make sure your friend mentions your name, so you get the bonus points! Remember, the challenge starts Jan. 31st , everyone including your referrals must be registered to get started on Jan. 31st.

- To keep gaining referral points throughout the challenge, you can continue to refer a friend into the challenge at any time.  They will be eligible to win a 30 and 60 day bonus reward.  Only those that are in the challenge for all 90 days will win the grand prize of a workout (P90X, Insanity, or Chalean Extreme, or any other premier Beach Body Workout program).

Fitness Challenge Phase:

1.  You must workout 6 days a week for a min. of 30 minutes per day.  (Any fitness program you will be doing will be fine.)  Your fitness program should be a combination of Cardio and Resistance Training to get the best results.

Each 30 minute workout will be 1 point in our challenge.  NOTE:  I do not recommend doing more then 1 workout a day if your a beginner.  To keep the challenge fair, we will max out at 2 points a day.  Meaning, if you did an hour workout that equals 2 points.  If you do 2 hours of running as an example, you will still only get 2 points.


2.  One rest day or easy stretch day is required to allow your body to recover.  You can get 1 point for 1 rest day.  Any more then 1 rest day is 0 points.

3.  You must log your workout into WOWY, so we can verify that your workout were completed.  (We meaning me, I’m the judge and jury!)  You can learn how to log into WOWY by creating a profile page and clicking on the “Get Fit” button.  Please make sure I have your screen name and that we are buddies.  My screen name in WOWY is kayakjak.

Maximum Points you can achieve for the fitness challenge. Assuming you do 6 workouts a week, each one hour and 1 rest day – 13 points.

Accountability Phase:

Since we want you to reach your goals, we want you to have a partner in the process.  They say if you have someone that is going through the program with you, then you will get the best results!  Therefore, we made part of this challenge to pair up with someone!   Here is how it works.  You will have the same partner for 30 days!  After 30 and 60 days, you will be given a new partner!  If your partner drops out, you will be given a new partner, no worries.

Partner Rules:

1.  You must check in with your accountability success partner once a day.  You choose the method you talk:  email, text, phone.  You just say- hey I worked out and ate clean!  Or admit your struggles!  You will be surprised, we all have the same struggles, but having someone to pull you up and push you alone will be a huge key to success!  Plus, when your up, your partner may need your help. One day, you may need their help!  You must log on your journal that you checked in with your partner!  1 point for each daily check in!

2.  To really succeed, if you want even more group support you can join a group on the Beach Body message boards.  Just click here.  Please post as much as you can for results and to push you, your partner and everyone else in the challenge.  No points for posting, this is just a super supportive tool for success!

Bonus Points For Bonus Rewards



We all have slip ups here and there, a bad meal or a missed workout.  So to help, we are giving some bonus points to help you make up for a few slip ups.

1.  Refer a friend.  Each person you refer, who enters our challenge per these rules, you will be given 1 point!  Note, if they enter before Jan. 31st, they can go for the grand prize.  If they enter after Jan. 31st , they can go for the points for the 30 and 60 day points bonus awards only.

2.  Sleep is very important to a healthy fitness/weight loss program.  Therefore you should get 7 hours a sleep.

4.  At day 30, and 60, and 90 days you must submit updated results. This may include before/after pictures. (These will not be posted!) You can also include measurements and weight loss. You will get 1 point for each of these submittals.

5.  These bonus points can really add up if you take advantage of the refer a friend part.  Your friend must commit to the same challenge rules to be set here.  You will get the bonus after they submit their first weekly journal.



What will you get after completing this 90 day challenge?

1.  You will get a NEW FITTER HEALTHIER YOU!  Isn’t that reward itself?

2.  Grand Prize:  For those that start on Jan. 31st   and who complete all the rules (submit the weekly journals,day 1, 30, 60, 90 day pictures/measurements) can be entered into grand prize.  You can win a new fitness program of your choice (up to $120 value!)

Since this is a fitness challenge, it will be based on the best transformation story!  My wife and I will be the judges and we will use your before/after photos and measurements to determine the winner!  It’s not all about weight loss, it could be most flab to most ripped?  We would like to share the transformation winner’s photos with the group at the end with your permission!  We will modify these rules, if and only if all participants agree.  We can open up the judging to everyone that entered the challenge and have them vote on the best transformation.  But, I said I would not share photos (ok, my wife will be my co-judge) I will not do this unless everyone agrees at day 90!

A tie breaker, will be based on the person with the most points!

3.  Bonus 30 day rewards.

This will be issued to the person with the most points at the end of the month.

The bonus rewards are awesome!

Rewards will be based on your final point tally issued on these dates:

Day 30 (note, a mid week journal will need to be submitted onto help with the monthly tallies)

Day 60 and  the same day as the Grand Prize!

4.  In case of a tie of the above, it will be based on who submitted their journal sheet to me (via email) the first on the day they are due.

Other notes:  This is my challenge.  No whining, complaining, arguing… I make the rules!  I will be fair and honest and only expect the same from you!  This challenge is to help you reach your goals.  So be honest with yourself, me and your partner.  You are only cheating yourself otherwise!  I have the right to kick anyone out of the challenge if I feel that it comes to that.  Note, existing Beachbody Coaches are allowed to enter the challenge but are not eligible for prizes.  You can become a coach during the challenge and will be eligible for the 60 day reward if you started with us on Jan. 30th . 

Additional Optional Method to reach your goals:

Clean Eating:


1: You eat 4 to 6 small meals per day, ideally breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner. That means that you are eating every 2 to 3 hours.Your body needs to be fueled. Eating only breakfast, lunch, and dinner is not okay.

2.   You eat at least 1250 calories (unless you are less than 5 feet tall). I am putting this down because this challenge is about eating clean and being healthy, not about starving yourself.  A few people have asked me if I eat very low calories. For the record, I eat about 2200 to 2500 calories per day these days!  *There are several websites that you can record your calories if you wish.  This is not required!  I personally use the Beach Body site and  There is also

If you need a meal plan, email me. If you are Beachbody Club Member, you can print one out. If you want to take the guess workout out of meal planning, you can become a Beachbody Club Member and have all your meals planned for you!  Each Beach Body workout program includes a meal planner in addition to the workouts.  To learn more or to join the club,email me for details.  It’s up to you to substitute foods from Michi’s Ladder. I’m super busy guys and gals, so please don’t ask me to figure this stuff out for you.

3: This is more like a guideline than a rule. You follow something close to a 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat diet. For those of you doing carb manipulation or following a special plan for diabetics, that’s fine, too. Again, I just don’t want folks to think they are eating clean if they eat 4 bowls of cereal per day. Your meals have to be balanced.

4: This is the real challenge part:  YOU EAT ONLY FROM THE TOP 2 TIERS of MICHI’S LADDER 6 DAYS A WEEK.  Top 2 tiers.  Period.  To get a copy of Michi’s Ladder, click here

Another NOTE: If you are prone to having eating issues or tend to get too obsessive with food, perhaps this challenge is not for you. You might do better to stick to something less restrictive.

**** ADDENDUM: Shakeology, Recovery drink, protein supplements, coffee, natural almond/peanut butter, and almond milk are ALLOWED. *******

After resistance workouts I have a meal replacement shake. It can be SHAKEOLOGY or another kind of meal replacement.

Why are we doing this?  To promote healthier lifestyles among our friends and communities!  You deserve to look and feel better and we want to help you achieve your goals! 

Feel free to call or email anytime!

Marty Hughes





Posted by kayakjakpe at 10:38 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 19 January 2011 11:56 PM EST
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